Bruce Dickinson Reveals His Worst Iron Maiden Moment

Bruce Dickinson recounted his Iron Maiden gaffe in a Kerrang! interview. The frontman was questioned about his stupidest show comment: “Who is that Greek c*nt waving a flare? In Greece. Greeks sympathized, saying, ‘He shouldn’t have said Greek c*nt,’ but he probably was Greek. He probably was a c*nt. It definitely irritated me.”

Dickinson explained his anger: “I’m singing and everyone’s flashing phosphorous naval distress flares, and nobody can breathe. I think it inconsiderate. I shouldn’t have dubbed him a Greek c**t since I wasn’t sure of his nationality. I should not have lost my rag.”

In the Greece Show, what did Bruce say?
The event occurred during an Iron Maiden performance at the Olympic Stadium in July 2022. Bruce was furious when a flare went off during their tenth song, ‘The Number of the Beast.’ He thought the smoke might damage his vocals and said: “The flare-twitting c*nt, I gotta sing up here. You c*cksucker. You Greek scum. All right. I must sing. All right. F*ck you.”

Dickinson Pondered the Event Before
As the band played ‘The Number of the Beast,’ the singer fled the stage to remove the smoke. When he reappeared and sang, he was unorthodox for the band. In February 2024, he told Rock Hard Greece’s Sakis Fragos about this incident: “They draw attention to themselves and harm those around them who have this extremely toxic thing flying around. If you’re asthmatic or haven’t had lung problems, “Oh, we don’t care.” “We’ll fill the place with smoke because it makes me feel important,” they say. Totally bothers me. I lost my patience. I should have called him a c*nt, not a Greek one [Laughs].

At an April 27, 2024 event at Opera Hall in Brasília, Dickinson scolded fans for smoking and apparently deploying pepper spray. He advised smoking outdoors and chastised pepper sprayers. Later, it was revealed that a vape pen explosion caused the problem. The victims had throat discomfort, not pepper spray effects. A band member was uncomfortable, but Dickinson and the band were unaffected.

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