Kerry King: Phil Anselmo Found My Solo Album Too Thrashy

On ‘Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk,’ Kerry King addressed reports that Phil Anselmo might sing on his solo project’s first album. He said the reports were incorrect and stated why he wasn’t right for his new project: I knew Phil for decades before ‘Cowboys From Hell’ [record]. My pal for years. All the business people encouraged me to go that way—my management, record label, promoter, everyone—because it would put enormous butts in seats.

He said he could do the project, but someone else would be better at it: “After talking to Phil, I know this is too rash a project for him. He could accomplish it, but I don’t believe he wanted to. However, we did some homework, and the Pantera reunion blew it out of the water.”

Member Selection by King
King has revealed he picked his band members to distinguish his new project from Slayer. In February, King told Rolling Stone that Anselmo may sing on his solo album. King said he pondered working with Anselmo. He said: The management, promoter, and record label wanted Phil. I’m friends with Phil, but I always believed he wasn’t right. I knew he wasn’t the proper man, nor his skill. This record’s Mark is the real deal.” Josh Wilbur produced the rocker’s latest album, ‘From Hell I Rise.’ Wilbur has worked with Trivium, Korn, Gojira, and Lamb Of God. The album drops May 17.

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