Noel Gallagher Plans An Oasis Return Without Liam

Noah Gallagher will perform holographic Oasis. Gallagher told Matt Morgan’s podcast that the ABBA concert wowed him. ABBA’s digital holograms were accompanied by a 10-piece band and 1970s and 1980s singing. He said, “I went to that Abba show. You been? Extremely incredible. Great hour-and-a-half show. It was incredible. I once believed the holograms on stage looked so real, like performers, like they were acting. They walk realistically to the stage. If you can go, do it.”

He even considered creating something similar for concerts based on his previous band’s 1990s performances: “I was impressed by it, but if anyone wants to do an Oasis one, let us know. Would be up for it. I’d say “fine,” go to that man over there, and he’d work up a number and tell me. I’d say yes or no.” Noel Would Perform With Liam Hologram

Noel Gallagher quipped that his estranged brother Liam was ‘not truly real.’ He would be okay playing with a hologram of him. They discussed Noel’s 2016 statements about Oasis splitting up in an interview. Previously, he claimed he would ‘pay to see’ the band play without him. He also said they would spread stories about him playing without Liam and using a hologram. In another BBC radio interview, Noel was asked whether he would perform with a Liam hologram. “I said in the press that I would stage the concert with holograms, and I think Liam took it seriously. Anyway, Liam is holographic. People may not realize he’s fake. Naturally, I’d do it. Trust me, he would be the first to announce any changes.” That will be the closest thing to an Oasis reunion if it occurs soon.

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