Ozzy Osbourne would “jump at the chance” to perform last Black Sabbath gig with Bill Ward: It’s incomplete

My drummer performed well. Prince of Darkness: He’s not Bill Ward. Ozzy Osbourne said he would “jump at the chance” to do a farewell Black Sabbath gig with Bill Ward. Ward left the November 2011 Black Sabbath reunion in early 2012, citing a “unreasonable contract”. Tommy Clufetos played live on the Black Sabbath Reunion Tour and The End Tour. On the latest edition of The Madhouse Chronicles, Ozzy discussed Black Sabbath with his close buddy Billy Morrison. The Prince Of Darkness views video of the band’s farewell gig at Birmingham’s Genting Arena on February 4, 2017, after the interview’s finale.

Must have been cool for you? What did you feel? You happy it was over? “Yeah, but I was sad that Bill wasn’t there,” Ozzy said Morrsion. My drummer, Tommy Clufetos, performed well. However, he is not Bill Ward.” Morrison then asked the ‘War Pigs’ vocalist whether he liked the “arc of the legend of Black Sabbath?” “No. Because Black Sabbath didn’t complete it. It’s unfinished,” Ozzy said. “I would gladly do one more gig with Bill. What would be cool? Getting up and doing it in a club or nightclub. We began in a club.” Ozzy’s wife and manager, Sharon Osbourne, announced “two more shows to say goodbye” before his retirement at the start of the year.

“He won’t tour again but we are planning on doing two more shows to say goodbye as he feels like, ‘I have never said goodbye to my fans and I want to say goodbye’,” she told Music News writer Jane Moore. Sharon said, “His voice is still perfect. During his absence, he has continued singing classes. Despite his music, you can’t not enjoy Ozzy.” The Prince Of Darkness, 75, was rumored to perform two farewell performances at Birmingham’s Villa Park football stadium.

Ozzy announced his retirement in February, canceling his European and UK tours. Later that month, he claimed he wanted to perform again. He gave a health update last summer after canceling his one-time headlining appearance at Power Trip in Indio, California. Ozzy warned in November that he may have to “accept the fact” that Parkinson’s illness and many operations may prevent him from performing again. Ozzy described his recuperation as “slow” in early January. I just got back from the doctor today and my blood clots are gone, everything’s back to normal,” he told The Osbournes Podcast. I can flex my neck. I must regain my balance.”

He added: “I see fewer doctors. I’m only visiting the Parkinson’s doctor, no surgery. I underwent seven surgery in five years.” The surgeries were performed after a 2019 fall loosened numerous metal rods placed in Ozzy’s body during a 2003 quad bike mishap.

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