So how did John Fogerty name Creedence Clearwater Revival?

The rock community has long had confusing names. Butthole Surfers’ mindset is odd, therefore it’s a mystery that anybody seeking to create something creative chose names like King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. Although they performed some of the most commonplace rock & roll of all time, Creedence Clearwater Revival remains one of the most puzzling names in music history. Despite everyone unanimously renaming the group CCR, John Fogerty was a celebrity without the name recognition. The band produced music for everyone, so if people could sing along to ‘Proud Mary’ or ‘Have You Ever Seen the Rain’, who cared who sang what?

That may have been a double-edged sword as most of the band could go unnoticed yet still feel jaded that they weren’t renowned apart from their guitars. However, a peculiar moniker doesn’t encourage further investigation. Let’s examine why Fogerty chose that name, which sounds like a somber music festival or a bizarre legal practice. What is Creedence Clearwater Revival, and how does their name describe their music?

Can you guess how John Fogerty named Creedence Clearwater Revival?
FOGERTY wasn’t given a band name by choice when they began. Their record label named them The Golliwogs for the first several years, which was never as catchy as The Beatles or The Rolling Stones. Fogerty says they stopped being The Golliwogs once label management changed.

On Christmas Eve, Fogerty saw the ideal name go by while flicking channels: “It was showing scenes of an idyllic green forest. A black-and-white advertisement followed. Anti-pollution advertisement. It said ‘Write to Clean Water Washington’. I mentally gave it to Clearwater. Several names came down, so I switched Creedence. It’s incomplete—we wanted to revitalize. Therefore, CCR”. Though long, the name’s great pronunciation and useful abbreviation have kept people speaking it for years. There may have been a deeper message behind the environmental theme.

How does CCR’s meaning describe the band’s music?
CCR could have been any other title and marketed off Fogerty’s tunes, but it had a deeper environmental message. Their record covers show that the band’s atmosphere was more than simply a few badass lyrics.

Most of their best works have an environmental focus. While hardly Captain Planet territory, Fogerty’s lyrics always focused on surviving off the earth rather than technology, singing of the joys of being in the wilderness and creating an honest life as you see fit. Despite band conflicts, Fogerty’s lyrics were as much about the environment as his life philosophy. Not everyone would agree with the hippy generation, but everyone could identify to something like the rain or sunlight, and Fogerty made them the band for everyone by placing it right there in his songs.

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